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Engagement and Fees

Do you charge for initial consultations?  
L&EPLC generally charges a fixed fee for initial consultations to evaluate the facts and law relevant to the case and recommend an appropriate course of action. If you retain us to provide the recommended services, the initial consultation fee can be applied to our fee for those services.  
What are fee arrangements?
We commonly use three different types of fee arrangements: 1) fixed fees; 2) percentage fees; and 3) hourly billing.

To ensure that you know what your representation will cost at the outset, we may use fixed fees for services such as estate planning and asset protection planning.  The fees are based upon our factual analysis of your situation and the legal matters presented, as well as the time it should take us to address and complete your matter.  In such cases, payment is expected by check or in cash at the time documents are executed. 

Percentage fees are commonly used when we serve as a fiduciary such as an executor, trustee or guardian and are based upon a percentage of the assets we are managing. Such fees are based upon schedules published by the Commissioner of Accounts and approved by the Court.  We generally invoice these matters on a regular basis, with payment expected by check or in cash within 30 days. 

Hourly billing is calculated by multiplying the hourly billing rate of the lawyer (or lawyers) providing the service by the time spent on the matter.  We generally invoice these matters on a regular basis, with payment expected by check or in cash within 30 days. 

Engagement Letters:
You will be provided a detailed Engagement Letter setting out the scope of services to be performed, the applicable billing rate, and whether or not an advance fee is required. All advance fees are held in our Lawyers Trust Account for your benefit until the fee is earned and you have received an invoice for our services. The Engagement Letter will also explain when you can expect to receive bills from us for our services.   

We ask that you review the Engagement Letter carefully when you receive it, then sign one copy and return it to us before we begin any work on your matter.

Costs and expenses:  
We may bill you for costs and expenses we incur in connection with your matter such as court filing fees, couriers or express mail charges; and photocopies.  If we plan to do so, that will be included in your Engagement Letter.  

Can we arrange to meet at home?  

Yes, we have and frequently do meet with clients in their homes, a hospital, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility. We may charge a fee to cover the additional travel time for the attorney and any additional staff members required in connection with your matter, and this will be set out in the Engagement Letter.